Peel Away 1 Complete 5 Gal Paint Removal System (Citrilize, Paper)

Peel Away® 1 - 5 Gallon Paint Remover System Remove up to 30 layers of paint in one single application! Removes up to 30 coats of lead based or oil paint in one application. No fumes or flammable solvents. No methylene chloride. The PEEL AWAY® 1 Paint Removal System best used if you are going to repaint the surface after stripping. Comes complete with Citri-Lize, Peel Away Paper and pH Test. Add our Peel Away 1 Complete 5 Gal Paint Removal System (Citrilize, Paper) to your shopping cart for great savings.
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  • Removes 30 coats of lead based or oil paint with one application.
  • Removes latex paint from wood or metal surfaces if there is an oil based paint or primer as the initial coat.
  • Coverage - up to 80 sq. ft. per 5 gallons
  • Includes appropriate amount of Dumond® Laminated Paper
  • Easily adheres to a vertical or overhang surface.
  • Can be used on interior and exterior surfaces.
  • Contains no Methylene Chloride, MEK, Toluene - 0 VOC.
  • The safest and easiest method of removing lead based paint - there is no airborne lead dust.
  • Affordable solution to safe, easy-to-use paint stripping.
  • Safe removal of marine coatings with NO damage to the fiberglass.
  • Particularly suited for removing paint from carved and intricate detailed surfaces, interior moldings, and window frames. It is also especially suitable for plain or ornate plaster walls or ceilings, brick (as long as prime coat not latex - if so USE PEEL AWAY 7), concrete, stucco, softwoods, i.e. pine, cast iron, steelwork, marble or fiberglass.
  • Peel Away Neutralizer included to reduce the ph level after paint stripping.

The system includes a paste that is spread over the surface to be stripped. This paste is then covered with a fibrous laminated cloth, which controls evaporation, and is left on until all of the paint is dissolved. The paste stays wet for 24 to 48 hours. The laminated paper is then removed with the bulk of the paste and paint adhering to it and the stripped surface is washed clean and neutralized. The fibrous laminated paper also protects the passerby while the stripping process is taking place. Coverage is up to 80 sq. ft. per 5 gallon package, depending upon application.

NOT RECOMMENDED FOR USE ON: Plasterboard; plywood; veneer; aluminum: Hardwoods, if not repainting (Use PEEL AWAY® 6 or PEEL AWAY® 7); Brick or masonry, if latex paint is prime coat (Use PEEL AWAY® 7).

Most Refinishers Require extra Peel Away ® Paper available for sale here.


The following are some recommended guidelines to follow in removing lead based paint with the PEEL- AWAY 1 product. Specific instructions that are contained with our product should be followed. The PEEL-AWAY 1 product has NO TOXIC FUMES AND NO FLAMMABLE SOLVENTS so minimum ventilation is required. Airborne lead sampling was done during a PEEL-AWAY abatement project by an outside environmental Company and the conclusion was "No detectable exposure of workers to airborne lead was found while using PEEL-AWAY for removal of lead based paint."


It is often impossible to know the type or condition of the surface before paint is removed. Before a project is started it is important that a small test area be done typical of the surface to be stripped to ensure that the results will be satisfactory. This will also inform you of the thickness to apply the product and the time values for removing the product. Applying the product too thinly or unevenly or removing too quickly may result in more than one application thereby increasing your material cost.


The fact that you are removing lead based paint does not necessarily mean that you are dealing with hazardous material. The test patches that are done should be collected and sent to a local laboratory for a TCLP test to determine the lead level of the residue of the paint/paste. The PEEL-AWAY product contains lime which starts to stabilize the lead and there is a good chance that the test results will indicate less than 5ppm lead which means you are not dealing with hazardous material in terms of disposal.


The PEEL-AWAY product is usually applied between 1/8" to 1/4" thick, according to age and thickness of paint being removed (this is predetermined by tests) with either a trowel or specialized spray equipment. The paste is then covered with a fibrous laminated cloth printed polyethylene side facing out. Leave on for up to 24 hours or more according to test patch findings.


Failure to properly clean and neutralize the surface will result in an alkaline residue that may cause an unsightly white haze. Alkaline residue may also interfere with performance of clear sealers or future paint coatings. It is most important that all pertinent neutralization instructions that accompany the product be followed.


Nitrile or latex gloves, taped to the sleeves shall be worn when applying the PEEL-AWAY product. Goggles should be worn. When using spray equipment particle dust masks and face shields along with a cotton/poly jumpsuit should be worn. Rubber suits for heavy duty wash down and cleanup. All other requirements that are in the specifications should be complied with.


The PEEL-AWAY System has two major advantages for removing lead based paint- (1) the paste is always keeping the paint in a wet or damp state preventing any lead particles getting into the air or on the surrounding area and (2) when the stripping job is finished and the cloth is removed the bulk of the paste and paint come off intact on the cloth for easy collection and proper disposal.

CLEAN UP: Exterior Clean Up: For exterior work, hosing off the residue with water can help speed up the cleaning process and anything from a simple hose to a pressure jet or steam can be used. However, pressure should be kept low on woodwork and sensible precautions should be taken to protect plant life, etc. from splash back, especially those sensitive to alkalinity. Mist surface lightly with water spray. Then with a nylon bristle scrub brush agitate surface to loosen all residue. Thoroughly scrub surface being sure to get at all crevices, grooves, cracks, etc. PEEL AWAY® 1 is caustic, and requires neutralization before repainting. Rinse with Citri-Lize Neutralizerbefore applying new coating.

Interior Clean Up: Interior cleaning can be accomplished with a spray bottle of water or pail with a sponge. Make sure surface is entirely clean of any paint/paste residue. Let dry for 24 hours before proceeding with neutralizing process for both interior and exterior surfaces. PEEL AWAY® 1 is caustic, and requires neutralization before repainting. Rinse with Citri-Lize Neutralizerbefore applying new coating.

Peel Away® 1 Paint Removal My wife and I recently purchased the Peel Away® 1 Package from your website. After trying to chip and sand paint from our fireplace mantle we decided to try your product. After reading through the directions we decided on doing a test area. We applied the Peel Away® and placed the paper on top. We left it over night and in the morning checked it. WOW!! It took the paint right down to the wood. We can't wait to do the rest. Thank you

Steven W., California

Peel Away 1 is the best stripper I have EVER used. I said I'd never strip anything again, and I have used Peel-Away on several projects over the past few years, most recently last week helping my daughter strip an old buffet. It's the greatest product and I've recommended it to a friend who's about to refinish a table....

Thanks for a wonderful product! ......I am one of your most grateful customers. No fumes, no burning splatters on arms and legs, and beautiful results! I stripped an antique newel post that was nearly black and it turned out great.

Thanks again,

Gaye J., Florida

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Peel Away 1 Complete 5 Gal Paint Removal System (Citrilize, Paper)
Our Price: $174.79
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