SCL Sterling 1G Aqua Glaze Glazing Compound-2Pk

Use this acrylic latex compound under all types of interior/exterior paints. Paintable one hour after application and can be applied in damp weather. Clean-up tools and smears with water. Add our SCL Sterling 1G Aqua Glaze Glazing Compound to your shopping cart for great savings.
Item Number:SCL-021001
Our Price: $122.08


  • Face glaze wood and metal sash
  • Paintable within 30 minutes
  • Excellent for filling countersunk nailheads
  • For use under all types of paints
  • Clean up with water

Sterling’s Aqua-Glaze is a water base compound used to face glaze wood and metal sash. It is also excellent for filling countersunk nailheads, crevices and cracks. Aqua-Glaze is specifically designed for use under all types of interior and exterior paints. Painters prefer it for its quick dry time. Cleanup with water is easy.
Application Surfaces and air temperature should be above 40ºF. Prime unpainted wood. Make sure that surfaces are clean, dry, frost free and free of sandpaper dust. All old flaking paint and dried putty should be thoroughly removed for proper adhesion. Countersink nails at least 3/16”, fill and prime. Steel sash and other surfaces that rust must be primed with a rust preventing primer. Knead Aqua-Glaze in hands and roll to warm for smoother application. Apply to surface with putty knife or spread firmly with fingers. Aqua-Glaze can be painted in 30 minutes (with proper conditions) with water base or conventional oil based paints. Cleanup with water.
SCL Sterling 1G Aqua Glaze Glazing Compound-2Pk
Our Price: $122.08
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